Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Restless Keepers

Magnet # 360:  Owl's Head Light Illustration

Material:  Metal, Paper, Mylar Shell

Purchased By:  Me

Perched high on a point overlooking the entrance to Rockland Harbor just off of Maine's western Penobscot Bay stands the scenic Owl's Head Light.  Constructed in 1825, it's one of the smaller lighthouses in the country at only 30 feet tall, but its placement still made it an effective guide for ships.  And when a keeper's house was built neaby, a long set of stairs connecting the two structures was also added, further enhancing the area's aesthetics.  But Owl's Head is more than just a lovely place to visit - it's also reportedly home to a couple of guests who are eternally commited to the spot.  Not only does it appear on lists of America's Most Haunted Lighthouses, it actually has taken the number one spot on some.  So just what has happened here to give this ususual lighthouse such a dubious claim?

Unlike many other supposedly haunted lighthouses, Owl's Head Light has no known tragic tales that might have brought on a restless spirit.  Regardless, there are some unusual occurances that suggest there are perhaps more than one in residence.  Footsteps can sometimes be seen in the snow and water in the shape of prints may appear on the steps, but nobody is around who could have made them and the trails only go one way.  The thermostat mysteriously lowers and brass items appear polished, although no one living there has cleaned them up.  These acts are attributed to a former lighthouse keeper whose spirit may still linger on the grounds.  Perhaps the most interesting story regarding him was when a three-year-old daughter of one of the keepers met her father on the steps in the middle of the night.  She then told them that the fog was rolling in and the foghorn needed to be turned on.  Considering he had never mentioned the foghorn to her, or had even taught the young girl about fog, the keeper was amazed.  Upon questioning, she admitted to having met an old sea captain at Owl's Head Light.  He appeared to her from time to time and had just told her to pass the message onto them.  What they might have otherwise dismissed as an imaginary friend suddenly took on a new meaning.  It's also said that a female spirit frequents the kitchen, where she slams doors and rattles the silverware.  Despite the noise, she's actually said to bring a sense of peace to those who encounter her.  She's known as "Little Lady" and many think she's the wife of a former Owl's Head keeper.  Okay, I'll admit, these hauntings seem to be a bit on the tamer side and with no violent or unexpected deaths to accompany them, it's a little tough to figure out just why Owl's Head Light ranks so high amongst haunted lighthouses.  Perhaps it's the frequency of the unexplainable events  - they may occur on a pretty regular basis there.  Still, there are those out there who insist that this Maine lighthouse is the creepiest of them all.  It's not usually open to the public, so that might be hard to prove, but I guess it just adds to the mystery surrounding scenic Owl's Head.

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