Monday, October 25, 2010

Dark Beauty

Magnet # 377:  Victoria Frances' Red Basque

Material:  Metal, Paper, Mylar Shell

Purchased By:  Me

If this isn't the right time of the year to post a creepy, goth-inspired fantasy art magnet up here, I'm not sure when would be better.  And, appropriately enough, this is dark fantasy artist's Victoria Frances' birthday, which makes this the perfect day to post another one of her haunting images.  For those who could pull this look off, it's a great idea for an elegant Halloween costume.  And for those of us who couldn't, it's still nice to have a look at it, particularly for this time of year.

Victoria Frances was born in the Spanish city of Valencia in 1982 but spent much of her formative years in the historic community of Galicia on the Atlantic coast.  There, she was intrigued by the forests, which would later influence her work.  Frances also traveled throughout much of Europe and found further inspiration in cities like London and Paris.  The haunting atmosphere of these cities, which helped bring classic Gothic literature to life also worked its magic on her art.  Later, she studied Fine Arts at the Polytechnic University of Valencia and while there, she began working as an illustrator, producing book covers and commissioned work.  And in April of 2003, her first book, Favole, was released and it introduced her stunning, dark art to the world.  It met with moderate success, but when the artist put in her first public appearance at a comic book convention in Barcelona the following year, it caught on worldwide.  She's since toured in the United States and Madrid.  I first saw her work when it was published in Spectrum, an annual book that features current fantasy and sci-fi art.  I was initially interested in it because she uses colored pencil, my medium of choice.  But how she makes it look so amazing, I have no idea.  Frances most often depicts ghostly, beautiful women in long, flowing dresses.  I really like how she tends to include so much detail in her work and never neglects the backgrounds.  Her images of Venice are particularly impressive.  She's published two more volumes of Favole and they've both brought her even more success.  In fact, she's earned a very devoted following of fans all over the world.  Frances herself is as attractive as the women she features in her art, with a slim figure, lovely face, and red hair.  In fact, she even resembles the figure on this magnet a little bit.  Every so often, she also does photo shoots, dressed in elegant, flowing gowns like those of her subjects.  I don't know how one woman is so lucky to be both that stunning and produce such amazing work, but it's tough to be envious when Frances puts out such great art.  I'm just looking forward to seeing what she draws next!

Well, I've just gotten back from my final progressive trip of the year.  This time, I headed northwest into West Virginia and Kentucky before returning home though the Carolinas.  While I wasn't able to fit many haunted destinations into my itinerary, I still had a great time.  I stopped by two state capitols, two artisan craft centers, a few landmarks, and a couple of places I'd seen featured on the Travel Channel.  The weather was pretty much perfect for my trip - I only had to deal with rain on the first morning for about an hour, when it got pretty ugly.  It was another great expedition, and now I'm finally able to add West Virginia magnets to my collection, which means I've just about gotten at least one from every state.  Plus, I was able to get some more attractive horse magnets from Kentucky.  I'm really looking forward to posting those.  In fact, I've already been figuring out just when to feature most of the magnets I bought up here.  I think I'll start recapping the trip in mid to late November, when I have some free days.  For the present, I intend to make the most of the time I have left until Halloween, posting every scary magnet I can manage.  Now that we're toward the end, I'm posting some of my best ones from some of the scariest places out there - and just who will make the cut?  With only six days left in the month, we'll find out soon enough!


  1. Like this one. Have to look up the artist.

  2. Hope you enjoy her work - I think Linz might, too.