Friday, October 1, 2010

Another Season of Scares

Magnet # 356:  Scary Halloween House

Material:  Plastic

Purchased By:  Me

At last, the month I've been waiting for all year is finally here! If you haven't seen it yet, last year, in honor of Halloween, I posted a series of magnets from scary locales throughout October. I had a blast, and all this year, I've been busy preparing for this. Those trips I took to New Orleans and New England weren't just about visiting tourist traps and historical sites, like state capitols. I was also busy amassing the creepiest magnets I could find. I've tried to target some of the scariest places in the country on my trips this year and I'm thrilled that it's finally time to share my results.

Okay, I didn't get this one in any creepy, haunted spot - just the local mall.  They had a nice assortment of Halloween-themed magnets at A.C. Moore, the art and craft store, but this was the only one I bought.  It made me think me of Fatima, the young girl I tutored so many years ago.  I've mentioned her on this blog in regards to Ramadan.  I guess she had never experienced Halloween in the United Arab Emirates and she was very excited about it, as the kids at her school must have been talking about the event.  One night, I arrived at her house to work with her and she showed me a little story she had been working on that day - Scary Halloween House.  It was about a girl named Barb, who was dressed like a witch for the occasion.  She was busy preparing in her kitchen and just outside, the insidious Mr. Bat was watching her.  After eating two birds, he entered Barb's house.  And when she saw him, she ran in fear and dialed 911.  Unfortunately, that was all there was to the story - it was a cliffhanger.  Fatima had also drawn a few pictures on the paper.  I loved it, and asked her if I could keep the story and she agree.  Later, when I was in art school and we had an assignment which gave us the option to produce a children's book, I decided to illustrate Scary Halloween House.  The project lasted a full quarter and it was the first work I was truly proud of at Savannah College of Art and Design.  I turned Mr. Bat into a life-sized creature who looked a little like a deranged muppet with a bright red bow tie.  And I made Barb a red head dressed in a long, purple gown, a black choker, and a purple witch's hat with a green ribbon.  I drew six pictures in all and I think the best illustrated when Mr. Bat ate the birds.  Instead of making it gory, I just drew feathers swirling the air, and I received plenty of compliments on how realistic they looked.  I had a small class, but everyone seemed to really like the story, including my professor.  I even compiled a Barb costume for myself that Halloween, complete with a red wig and purple witch's hat with a green ribbon - I was pleased with the ensemble.  And I couldn't have done it without that great story from Fatima.  Yep, whenever I see a Scary Halloween House, it's tough not to think of her.

If you were here last year, you know the drill - whenever I have a day that's not tied up in a particular historical anniversary or special event, I'll be posting a magnet from someplace creepy.  Unfortunately, the next few days I'll have to devote my writings to other matters.  But by mid-month, I'll have nearly the entire rest of October to devote to my scary magnets.  And, yes, I have even more than I think I'll be able to post.  Here's to a second round of thrills and chills - hope you enjoy!


  1. I look forward to the creepy Halloween posts. Glad the holiday is approaching.

  2. Me too - this is a great time of the year!