Friday, August 20, 2010

Mystic Connections

Magnet # 322:  Mystic Humpback Whale and Calf

Material:  Clay

Purchased By:  Me

The first full day of my trip, Catherine and I drove over to Mystic, Connecticut. As we were on our way to Newport, we didn't have a huge amount of time to spend there, but we still had fun checking out what we were able to cram in.

Our first stop in Mystic was at Kitchen Little, where we had breakfast. It's a place Catherine had been wanting to try out ever since she saw Rachael Ray go there on her $40 Dollar a Day show on the Food Network. They certainly got the name right - it was a tiny little house just off the water. Luckily, the wait wasn't long and we ended up eating inside rather than on the back porch with picnic tables. But I was fine with that, as there would have been others sitting at the table with us outside, and we were close enough to other customers inside the eatery. Catherine had mentioned one of their specialties, the Mystic Melt, before we got there and I ended up ordering it. It was scrambled eggs with cream cheese and lump crabmeat with a side of raisin bread toast and was very tasty. Catherine ordered almost the same dish, just minus the crab meat. We had a good meal and ate nearly everything on our plates. We we so full, we didn't need to eat again until dinner that day. And they're certainly generous - they even give away the recipe for the Mystic Melt at their website, If you're curious, give it a try. On the other hand, the restaurant was very crowded and it doesn't take credit cards. But overall, I'd probably go back if I'm ever in the area again. Kitchen Little's menu is very unique and it would be fun to try more of their offerings.

After breakfast, we headed over to the Olde Mistick Village, a collection of shops and restaurants all dolled up to look like an Colonial New England village. There were gardens, gazebos, a duck pond, and a water wheel scattered among the grounds. They even have an old style church that offers services on Sundays. It looked really cute and I thought it would be a great place to buy Mystic souvenirs. Turned out, I was right - I was able to find plenty of local magnets there, and even some from Scandinavian countries. I bought this great one from Clay Critters, along with several others, at Penguins, Otters, & Others. They had a really nice selection and a very pleasant staff who thanked me for coming back to buy more magnets. We really saw just about all that the Olde Mistick Village had to offer in around an hour, but we didn't have much more time to spend at Mystic. We headed down toward the shoreline and I hopped out to take some photos of people kayaking in the water, but we didn't really see the famous Mystic Seaport or its aquarium, two of its top attractions. Still, both were a little pricey to visit and given my choice, I'll go where the souvenirs are. Maybe sometime I'll get a chance to see more of Mystic, but I still had a great time there - I guess all in all, you need at least a full day to take advantage of it. But at least I got a taste of the area during my morning there, and it was definitely a good one.

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