Friday, July 23, 2010

Get Ready To Scream

Magnet # 300: Blue Bell Ice Cream Container

Material: Rubber

Purchased By: The
Kibby Family

Yep, today is a great day for everyone to scream for ice cream. Not only is July National Ice Cream Month, July 22 is Vanilla Ice Cream Day. And whether you want yours plain or packed with extras, this is a great time to grab a cone, dish, or what have you and join in the fun!

Mankind's love of ice cream actually goes back all the way to the Persians. By 400 B.C, they had developed a frozen confection that resembled pudding and consisted of rose water and vermecelli and was flavored with items such as fruits and spices. It's still served nowadays in Iran under the name of faloodeh. Frozen ice dishes were also popular with the Romans, who served snow flavored with honey and nuts at their often opulent gatherings. The Chinese developed a frozen delight similar to sorbet that Marco Polo later took to Italy. And when the United States was formed, ice cream dishes proved to be very popular here and was even eaten by Presidents such as George Washington and Thomas Jefferson. Unfortunately, as it was so expensive and difficult to make, the dish was largely reserved for the rich. But eventually, advances were made in freezing technologies and ice cream stores became very popular during the Victorian era. In fact, the first ice cream store was opened in 1776 in New York City. Finally, we've come so far that we can now buy a container of ice cream at nearly any grocery store here in the United States and take it home, where it will last for weeks - even months, - in our freezers. What was once a luxury for the affluent is now a daily treat for nearly everyone. And in 1984, thanks to its overwhelming popularity all over the nation, President Ronald Regan named July National Ice Cream Month and designated the third Sunday of the month as National Ice Cream Day. Considering just how hot this part of year can be, he couldn't have picked a better time.

The average American eats about 6 gallons of ice cream a year, and I know I contribute more than my share to those statistics. I love ice cream! I don't do much vanilla or other simple flavors, though. I like lots of stuff in my ice cream that I can chew on, so I tend to go with flavors like Rocky Road and Cookies N' Cream. And one of my favorite flavors has actually been introduced during my lifetime - Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, which was invented in 1991. There are so many good brands of ice cream out there like Haagen-Dazs and Ben and Jerry's. For me, Blue Bell, which appears on today's magnet, is a beloved brand of ice cream. Whenever we would go visit my extended family in Texas, they would have it, and it was a special treat. But finally, they were able to bring it all the way out to grocery stores in Alabama, and I was thrilled. I'm also a big fan of Braum's Ice Cream, which has stores in Texas. Recently, though, I've been buying mostly Eddy's (or Dreyer's) Slow Churned Ice Cream. It uses a special processing method that allows it not to be frozen after it is churned, which produces a grainy texture that is smoothed out by adding more milk fat. By avoiding this, they save lots of calories and fat, so I can indulge without feeling too bad. And if I'm feeling particularly guilty, I buy some ice cream treats from Skinny Cow. Each portioned-controlled serving of their products, which include cones, bars, and sandwiches, run about 150 calories and two or three grams of fat each. It makes it possible for me to enjoy some ice cream with as little guilt as possible. Of course, neither brand is as tasty as a heaping scoop from Cold Stone Creamery, but I try to eat them instead of the good stuff so I can keep on fitting into my clothes - I guess that's what's most important to me.

Well, if you haven't noticed, today's post is my 300th. Another milestone and this too, seemed to happen faster than I had expected. But I've decided not to dwell too much on this today, as I have an even bigger milestone coming up very soon. Still, I think this accomplishment merits a reward of some kind and I know just what I want - a cone of ice cream - the tasty kind that I usually avoid. Maybe I won't feel quite so guilty having it this time!


  1. Yes, I also enjoy ice cream and always find I gain weight in the summer when the consumption of it goes up. Also, congratulations on your 300th post! How many magnets do you have anyway?

  2. Thanks - I'm guessing I have about twice what I've posted on here. And I seem to keep on acquiring them at a pretty rapid pace!