Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Taking Flight

Magnet # 275:  Savannah Fairy

Material:  Clay

Purchased By:  Me

Grab your wings and polish your magic wands, folks - tomorrow is International Fairy Day! I wasn't able to find much out about the origins of this particular celebration, but it seems to be relatively new and was created by fantasy artist Jessica Galbreth, who has produced many a fairy over the years. It's a day when people can try to recapture the sense of magic through which they saw the world when they were children, and perhaps believe in fairies once again. If you're lucky enough to be in London tomorrow, they're celebrating with an Urban Fairy Ball in Kensington, so you could dress up in your best fairy finery and join fellow revelers.  And in Twisp, Washington, the 10th Annual Fairy & Human Relations Congress is being held to encourage better communication with the fairy realms.  About 250 participants will join in dancing, singing, camping, and eating organic foods at the Skalitude Retreat - sounds like an interesting time.  Finally, there's also a I Do Believe in Fairies, I Do, I Do, I Do event being held in Monterey, California where folk can learn how to see the fairies, pick their fairy name, and receive a fairy oracle reading and are encouraged to dress in wings and glitter.  If you can't make it to these locales, there are plenty of ways to participate in International Fairy Day at home, but the most important is to venture outside, as fairies are said to love nature. Having a picnic with friends, smelling fresh flowers as they grow, or walking through undeveloped countryside, if you have any nearby are a few ways to appreciate nature on this occasion. But, if you want to stay inside, you can read fairy tales, find all sorts of wonderful fairy artists on the web, or even send a magical e-card to a friend. Check out for more suggestions.

I don't usually buy two of my favorite magnets, Clay Critters, from the same city, but in this case, I made an exception. I bought this fairy magnet from Savannah, Georgia because it was here that I slowly began to discover and grow to love fairy art. I'm sure I had been aware of it when I lived in Alabama, but my focus was really on comic book art back then. But after I moved here, a friend of mine introduced me to the art of Nene Thomas, and I really liked her take on fairies and other fantasy creatures. And from her website, I learned about other very talented fantasy and fairy artists, like Meredith Dillman, Nati Pierandrei, and Lindsay Archer. And the more fantasy artists I encountered, the more I wanted to try producing fantasy images myself. So I finally gave in and started drawing and coloring fairies of my own, all here in Savannah, Georgia. While I've been remiss in posting them all on the web, I'm sure I will do so one day. Regardless, during my years in Savannah, I've become much more involved in fairies than ever before and I thought that was worth recognizing in a magnet. I guess I'm pretty caught up in the fairy renaissance of sorts that has been sweeping pop culture for quite a few years now. The interest in all matters fae seems to be here for good, and I'm glad we have these adorable creatures around to make our lives a little more magical.

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