Sunday, May 23, 2010

The End Is Here

Magnet # 249:  Lost Season One Cast Photo Montage

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This is it - tonight, the final episode of Lost airs.  It's funny reading what I had to say just a few months ago about the show on this blog, and comparing that with my current feelings.  I've talked to a fair amount of people and discovered that they, like myself, have been very disappointed by this final season.  If this show has asked 10,000 questions, it's answered about 9,000.  And I think it's highly unlikely that the rest will be answered in the last two and a half hours.

Pretty soon after its debut in 2004, Lost proved to be much more than a simple story about survivors on an island in the middle of nowhere.  The island seemed to be a character itself, with monsters and mysteries all its own.  So many questions were asked and whenever one was answered, a dozen more seemed to pop up.  It seemed that the show's producers had woven a very intricate web, the most intricate in television history.  However, now that we're at the end, plenty of viewers are beginning to become pretty sure that the producers didn't even know the answer to many of the questions when they were posed and just came up with something else later that fit, or forgot about them altogether.  But even as they were doing this, they were trying to cultivate an obsessed audience, putting crumbs in various episodes and all sorts of clues and extra information on the web, and promising us incredible answers to all of their conundrums.  If they didn't want us to get so involved, why did they ever challenge us to ponder so much about each episode in the first place?  I don't know why, but I do know that a good producer always knows where a story is going and never poses a question that won't be answered.  I'm pretty sure that after the final episode has aired, Lost won't so much resemble an intricate spider web, with all of its delicate lines firmly attached as a huge slice of Swiss cheese, rife with gaping holes.

So there you have it - my expectations for this final night of Lost are not very high.  At best, I'm hoping there's a happy ending for my favorite characters, like John Locke and Penny and Desmond.  The Lost world has been split into two realities and it looks to me like they will merge, saving a lot of great characters that have died in the show's past.  But rewatching the old Lost episodes will likely be a somewhat empty experience for me, seeing the producers set up mysterious scenarios they never knew the solutions for or intended to answer.  I could be wrong.  I hope I'm wrong.  But, as it stands, I'm not recommending anyone start watching Lost once it's over, unless they like huge buildup with little payoff.  Stick with simpler shows like Chuck and Supernatural instead who don't raise the expectations that high, but follow through on their stories.  The Lost producers have broken my faith and I don't think I'll ever trust another show that requires its viewers to have such trust that the answers will come in the end.  Rest assured, I'll be watching the finale tonight, but I'll be shocked if it leaves me satisfied.


  1. Now that the final episode has aired - what did you think about it and the series?

  2. I was thinking the same thing. What's the word?

  3. Well, opinions really seem split on this one - personally, I'm one of those who was not pleased with the ending. Not only were a host of questions ignored, the ending was not what I had hoped for. It felt like we had been handed a cop-out gimmick. But I'm still pretty raw about the ending and my disappointment - maybe I'll post a magnet about it when I've had awhile to think about it. Thanks for asking, though!