Sunday, April 4, 2010

Down the Bunny Trail

Magnet # 209:  Easter Bunny Carrying Egg

Material:  Rubber

Purchased By:  Mom & Dad

Happy Easter, everyone!  I hope you've all had a nice time celebrating today.  I was lucky enough to have Good Friday off, so I spent the weekend at home with my family and it was a nice visit.  I may technically be an adult, but the Easter Bunny still hides eggs for me at my parents' house.  I don't think looking for them will ever get old.  And I got this cute magnet in my Easter basket last year.  Really, I enjoy getting goodies at this holiday every bit as much as when I was growing up.  And funny enough, one of my coworkers organized a surprise egg hunt at my office last week.  I got plenty of plastic eggs filled with candy and one even had two bucks in it.  It might not be much, but I was still happy to find it.  I really like this holiday - it's one of my favorites.  I think it helps that some candy appears at this time of year that I don't usually have access to.  I love Cadbury Mini Eggs and Cream Eggs and Dove Truffle Eggs and they really aren't around except at Easter.  But, you can stock up and freeze or refrigerate these treats - they will last for months, or maybe even until it's time for them to appear in stores again.  And if you didn't get the candy you wanted today, don't forget to run by the store tomorrow - you might be able to get them at half off!

Of course, Easter isn't just about candy and eggs - as we all know, it's about the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.  But I imagine quite a few people are pretty familiar with that story, so I thought I'd mention a few lesser known tidbits about Easter.  For starters, it's one of the few Christian holidays that actually has a pagan name - Eastre, or Ostara is the name of a Germanic goddess associated with Spring and fertility.  As with many other pagan festivities such as Samhain and Yule, Christians eventually combined the celebration named after the goddess with their own celebration of the resurrection of Christ, but they never renamed it.  And the bunnies, chicks, and eggs that are all a part of this holiday stem from those early pagan traditions.  But there are plenty of Christian traditions that have been added to modern Easter celebrations.  Personally, some of my favorites are the resurrection hymns we sing at church - I like them even more than Christmas hymns.  One of my favorites is the processional hymn "Christ the Lord Is Risen Today," which was written by Charles Wesley in 1739.  At most churches, it begins the Easter service and at mine, the choir is accompanied by a brass band.  When the trumpets are playing, it's very stirring.  And I also really like"Because He Lives,"  "Crown Him With Many Crowns," and "He Lives."  Not only is the last one a lovely, stirring hymn, it has a very interesting story behind it.  It was written by Alfred Ackley in 1932.  He was born into a musical and religious family, and both he and his brother became gospel composers with Ackley moving to California, where he worked as a Presbyterian minister.  For a time, he had been trying to convert a Jew who couldn't understand why he should worship a dead Jew.  And then, on Easter Sunday, as Ackley was preparing for church, a liberal minister came on the radio he was listening to.  He shared the opinion that was becoming popular then, that it didn't matter if Jesus had risen or was "dust in a Palestinian tomb" - all that mattered was Christ's message.  Upon hearing this, Ackley became so incensed that his wife had to run in and ask him what was the matter.  That day, he preached with a rigor he had never felt before, yet even after the evening service, he was still upset.  Finally, his wife suggested he ought to deal with his ire in the way he was most capable - by writing a song about it.  After reading Mark's account of the Resurrection, Ackley sat down at his piano and created both the music and lyrics for the song.  He finished with the line "You ask me how I know He lives:  He lives within my heart."  Finally, Ackley had gained peace and created a song that would be loved for many years.  It's still very popular at churches around the world and has no doubt been sang countless times today.

Well, I hope you've learned at least one new insight from today's post - at the very least, the freezing and refrigeration of Easter candy is a gem.  And I hope you've had a nice day today.  I really enjoyed having a look at all of the wisteria in bloom on my drive home today.  As much as some folks like seeing the leaves change colors in fall, I love seeing the wisteria in Spring.  It almost looked like some trees were my favorite color, purple.  If you haven't taken the opportunity to check out this lovely flower, be sure to soon - it's only out for a few weeks.  And appreciating it is a great way to get into the spirit of Spring, and perhaps even Easter as well.


  1. Guess what, I found an egg that you missed on Easter morning. Thought it was funny and wondered if there were any more hidden around the house. Time will tell.

  2. Hopefully, they'll all be found before next Easter!

  3. I hope you had a happy Easter.

    The 4th was also a celebration for us for other reasons. Elizabeth and myself were in Charleston last weekend celebrating our 18th anniversary. Visited a bunch of older homes. Drayton Hall especially caught my eye. The highlight of the trip for me though was taking a cruise on the Pride of Charleston, a 3 masted sailing ship.

    Looked for some magnets for you, but nothing really caught my eye. :-)

  4. Congrats - sounds like you two had a nice anniversary! And thanks for scouting on my behalf.

    I want to head over to Charleston with Lindsay and Trenton sometime. I really want to see him take on a Man V Food challenge of super hot sushi. I bet he could win.