Saturday, March 20, 2010

The Return of the Spring

Magnet # 197:  Meredith Dillman's The Sweet Music of Spring

Material:  Metal, Paper, Mylar Shell

Purchased By:  Me

I don't think I have ever been in this eager anticipation of a season change. Let's face it, all over the United States, this has been a particularly bitter winter. Given it's my least favorite season, I have gotten pretty tired of all of these terribly cold temperatures. And, as of today, it's all gone (I hope)!  Yep, this is the first day of Spring and I am thrilled!

Well, I have had an interesting day today.  It started out mundane enough - I got together with a friend for lunch and afterwards, we went by the Savannah Botanical Gardens, a nice little locale on the city's Southside.  It's away from the major tourist destinations, so whenever I go, I often have the place to myself, which is nice.  Although it's small compared to many other botanical gardens, a lot of people have put a good deal of work into it and it shows.  Best of all, there is no admission fee, but they do take donations.  Some of the flowers there were already in bloom and they were very colorful.  There's a lot more left to come in both Spring and Summer, but it was nice to spend the first day of this season in a garden.  I'm looking forward to seeing many more flowers over the coming months.

After we finished up at the garden, we stopped by my place and my friend saw the sweet little cat that has been hanging around here for about half a year.  I've fed it off and on and I think my neighbors have too.  It's a very friendly cat, and I'm certain someone abandoned it.  I've wanted to take it in, but that would be impossible because of my allergies.  Typical of Spring and all of the births that are to come, my friend realized that the cat is pregnant and she's about to give birth at any moment.  To try to save her and the babies, as this cat is not in the best of health, we managed to get her in a carrier and drove her over to the Humane Society.  There, they told us that we had to take the cat to the animal clinic next door.  A worker there warned us that if they took the cat, they'd most likely put her and her babies to sleep.  We just couldn't do it - the cat is too nice, but we did get a number for a local rescue shelter here in town that is supposed to be very responsible and will try to save them.  A nice doctor loaned us a bigger crate to let the cat have her babies in it, if need be.  She's now at my friend's house, as she's better able to look after it than I am.  I hope this rescue organization comes to get them soon, and I hope they don't put the cat down - really, she is so sweet and good natured.  It makes me furious because I know that not only did someone own this cat and abandon it, but they didn't even bother to have her fixed before doing so.  If there's any Karma or justice, they'll get what's coming for being so heartless and irresponsible to this poor little cat.

So there you have it - a little drama for me on this first day of Spring.  If you haven't gotten out and enjoyed it yet, you should definitely try to tomorrow.  And let this be a reminder - if you have a pet that you've been meaning to get spayed or neutered, this might be a good opportunity to do so.  Let's face it, you probably don't want to have unexpected Spring (or Summer) babies of your own!


  1. Well, I'm also excited about Spring but it is kind of hard to do when it is snowing in Dallas today!

  2. I hope someone will take in the mother cat and her kittens. It is so sad to see these little creatures treated badly.

  3. Snow in Dallas on the first day of Spring! When will this miserable winter let up?

    Yes, I hope this story has a happy ending, too.

  4. Eliz. and I planted a bunch of flowers over the weekend. What do I see on the drive this morning? Snow in the air in Atlanta! Isn't supposed to be below freezing, so hopefully no harm no foul (especially after spending over $150 on plantings)

  5. Snow and pollen in the air in Atlanta, of all places. Boy this winter is infuriating - hope your plants make it.