Thursday, March 11, 2010

Beyond Belief

Magnet # 190: Ripley's Believe It or Not, St. Augustine

Material: Plastic

Purchased By: Me

Well, I guess now that I'm getting close to posting 200 magnets, some folks might think I have a pretty big collection. But I know better. For awhile now, I've been meaning to do a post about Louise Greenfarb, who goes by the title of the Magnet Lady. The Guinness Book of World Records put her magnet collection at a whopping 19,300 magnets back in 1997, but as of early 2009, she said she now has over 40,000 - that's a lot of magnets! She lives near Las Vegas, Nevada in a home that has magnets everywhere. And that's still not enough room. On her website,, Ms. Greenfarb recalls how the Las Vegas Guinness Book of World Records Museum once displayed around 7,000 of her magnets before it closed its doors. She even offers up to 10,000 magnets in her collection to display at businesses such as restaurants, casinos, and office buildings. Boy, that would really set them apart from their competitors. There is also a photo of her standing next to a car that is covered with magnets - and yes, she really drives it. Ms. Greenfarb says her collection began with her not really thinking much about it - her children would get magnets as prizes and she would put them up on her refrigerator to keep them from swallowing them. Slowly, yet surely, her fridge was covered and when guests at a party she hosted commented on her collection, she realized how important it was to her and that she wanted to pursue magnet collecting as a hobby. Over the years, she made contacts in the magnet industry and has been a consultant to some production companies and can also get magnets from wholesale distributors - boy, that must be nice.

I realize that Ms. Greenfarb is more tied to the Guinness Book of World Records than Book of World Records Museum, but I decided to post this magnet, anyway. I was down in St. Augustine, walking through this tourist destination when it hit me - this was Ripley's, not Guinness, as I'd previously thought when I bought a ticket, intent on getting a Guinness magnet for this post. But I bought a magnet anyway, just in case. Later, in Gatlinburg, I stopped by the Guinness Book of World Records Museum and found out at the ticket counter that they didn't have their own gift shop, only the nearby Ripley's Believe It or Not Museum did. That's when I finally decided to use this magnet for this post. Sure, there might be a Guinness World Record magnet out there, but I'm probably not going to get it anytime soon. As for the Ripley's Museum featured on this magnet, it's the first that opened in the United States. It's located in the historic Castle Warden, and its impressive architecture only adds to the surreal experience of seeing so many odd items on display. Sure, there are more historic and impressive sites in St. Augustine, but if you're there for awhile, it's a fun spot to visit. And believe it or not, one woman has amassed over 40,000 magnets. Ms. Greenfarb, I commend you on your collection and assure you I never intend to give you a run for the money on sheer volume of magnets - personally, I'm satisfied with just being the Magnet Junkie.


  1. I'm glad you're happy with just being the Magnet Junkie. Ms. Greenfarb seems to have taken this thing to the extreme!

  2. I'm happy for Ms. Greenfarb and her record winning collection, but if I had so many that it would impossible for me to display them all, it would be too many for me.