Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Show Must Go On

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Tonight, one of those most riveting television shows ever returns for its final season - Lost. There are only 18 episodes left until the show is over. I admit, I'm really excited to see what happens after last season's cliffhanger, but part of me is upset that I'll never watch another new episode of this incredible show after it ends in May.

When Lost debuted in 2004, I heard all of the good buzz and eventually decided to give it a try. I liked the show, but my interest started to wane in the second season. And when the third season started, it aired at the same time as another show I watched, so I chose it over Lost. But I happened to catch the third season finale, and in its final moments, I was so shocked by the ultimate twist that I was hooked from then on. It's funny, some viewers lost interest in the show because of the same changes that had me completely riveted. But the fans at the core of the show have stuck with it, and many are more invested in the show than ever before. I can't imagine the fervor some of them are going to have over this final season. And I can understand their fever pitch, because there truly is no other show like Lost. What started off as a somewhat simple concept of plane crash has evolved into one of the most intricate storylines ever attempted on television. The island the survivors landed on was revealed to have nearly a life of its own, and almost endless mysteries. And when one mystery wraps up, a dozen more can appear. The producers keep fans enthralled, always wondering what is coming next. At times, they delight viewers by connecting characters in the most unlikely of ways and revealing developments in plotlines that began in previous seasons. And this is it for answers - either we get them this season, or not at all. Also, the cast of Lost is one of the largest on any show. With that many characters, viewers can love some and hate others - even some that they're intended to like (yes, I'm referring to Kate) - and still enjoy the show. Personally, John Locke, featured here, is my favorite. Some might not like him, or even find him a bit scary, but to me, he's pretty sympathetic and very enjoyable. And I can't be the only one feeling this way, as Locke's portrayor, the talented Terry O'Quinn, has won an Emmy for his efforts. But I have to wonder what's in store for him this season. Last year's finale made him appear pretty dead. And in the promos for this season, Locke - or the sinister entity who has taken on his identity - has been singled out from the rest of the cast, given Christ's placement in a recreation of Leonardo's The Last Supper and in a lineup of the entire cast, past and present, he's the only one with his back to the viewer, and is positioned in the center. Clearly, the producers have big plans in store for John Locke in these final episodes. I'm also a little curious about what will happen to my favorite couple on this show, Desmond and Penny, the star-crossed lovers who were finally reunited at the end of the show's fourth season. Desmond is no longer in the main cast for this season, but he was told that the island isn't done with him. I can deal with a seemingly inevitable bad ending for Locke, but I really want these two to have their happily ever after - and I think it may happen. One other detail I really like about this show is that it is one of the few that has an entirely original orchestral score that sets it apart from others and gives it a very pronounced tone. At some of the most emotional moments, the Hollywood Studio Symphony Orchestra is providing accompanying music, making viewers even more involved with the character's actions than they might be by a more conventional soundtrack. With all of its unique characteristics, when this show ends, it's going to leave a void that likely no other will be able to fill.

Less has been revealed about this Lost season than any previous one, but the time travel and the flashbacks and flash-forwards that have been so prevalent in other seasons are supposed to end. Everything is going to play out in one single timeline, from what I understand. And to those of you who have never given this show a chance, unlike with Chuck, I do not recommend tonight's premiere as a jumping in point. This show has built upon itself so much that you will be as lost as the title implies. Instead, I advise you wait until it has all wrapped up and hear what others have to say about the show's finale before deciding if you want to give this epic show a try. I really hope the producers can pull it off, but whatever happens, I'll be tuning in until the end of this amazing story.


  1. I enjoyed The Stepfather- this was just as a great as the first. Dylan Walsh did a great job filling the shoes of Terry O'Quinn http://bit.ly/dicg8I

  2. Of all the magnets to arrive late! ;-)

    Could it have taken an Oceanic flight and even now be visiting the Island? Is your replacing the image once it does arrive a bit of time manipulation to change the past? Be careful when you do it that you don't suffer bleeding nose or other side effects.

    Hehe. Can't wait!

  3. Thank you both! I haven't seen The Stepfather, but I will have to give both a try. Terry O'Quinn was also great in The Rocketeer, even though he didn't have much time onscreen.

    I know - I just hope it gets here soon! Otherwise, I might have to make one up myself. And I will watch for hearing loss and nosebleeds - good advice.

  4. Thanks for calling to let me know the good news that your Lost magnet is no longer Lost. :-) Looking forward to seeing it.

  5. Yay! Got it up! I guess it only took about 3 months to get here.