Monday, February 8, 2010

Boy Meets Girl

Magnet # 163:  Sleepless in Seattle

Material:  Rubber

Purchased By:  Me

Valentine's Day is rapidly approaching, and this magnet can't help but remind me of one of the best ways to get in the mood for the holiday - watching romantic comedies.  I have to admit, I'm not a big fan of Sleepless in Seattle, but I decided to post a list of ten of my favorite romantic comedies anyway.  Sure, I like this genre, but if I compiled a list of my top ten all-time favorites, none of these would probably be on it.  These are fun flicks and they boast some talented leads, and terrific supporting actors like Jean Reno, Peter Gallagher, Marisa Tomei, Steve Zahn, and Jon Heder, but they're not meant to be taken all that seriously.  Yep, they're cheesy, predictable, and full of fluff, but think of them as Valentine's comfort food - and dig in!

1.  You've Got Mail - The Tom Hanks/Meg Ryan combo that I'm not so crazy about in Sleepless in Seattle manages to work nicely in this cute little film.  Set in New York City, it's a remake of the classic The Shop Around the Corner, as two strangers who have connected online, but never met in person, manage to clash as business rivals - she owns a little shop, he a corporate giant.  And when the pair have figured out one another's identities and the dust has settled from their business competition, will they be able to move past the injuries they've inflicted upon one another toward a future together?

2.  French Kiss - Okay, another Meg Ryan classic.  This time, she catches a flight to Paris, desperate to win back her fiance, who's ditched her for a slinky, sexy Frenchwoman.  She crosses paths with another French native, a charming con man delightfully played by Kevin Kline who's using her for his own benefit.  Sparks fly as we're treated to gorgeous views of the French countryside, and soon our heroine must decide which man and which life is right for her.

3.  How to Loose a Guy in 10 Days - We return to New York City, where a writer played by Kate Hudson is doing research on how girls loose guys for an article.  Through manipulations, she winds up with Matthew McConaughey's ad exec, who must get a woman to fall in love with him to further his career.  She pushes him away, and he manages to get her back through a series of missteps, and when the truth comes out, the pair must figure out if they want to stick it out, or follow the precedent of her article. 

4.  Someone Like You - In another film set in New York City, Ashley Judd's talk show talent scout thinks everything is going perfectly with her great new guy, but when he unexpectedly dumps her, she's devastated.  And then she becomes obsessed with male relationship behavior, even going so far as to create an alter ego who's an expert on the subject.  But is she so jaded that she'll pass up an opportunity to give love a try with her roommate and co-worker, played by Hugh Jackman, that's she's realized is not really the jerk she once thought he was but if, in fact, a pretty nice guy?

5.  Music and Lyrics -  Okay, here's one last jaunt in New York City.  Hugh Grant stars as a has-been star of an eighties pop band who's been offered one last chance writing a song for the current pop idol.  He's great with the musical part, but he needs the right lyricist.  And a chance meeting with a substitute plant waterer, played by Drew Barrymore, who turns out to be a natural lyricist, seems to be his ticket back into the big time.  But when she threatens the song's success, will he sacrifice their developing relationship for one last shot at stardom?

6.  Fever Pitch - Although this romantic comedy is set in Boston, it also features Drew Barrymore as its female lead.  Here, she plays a workaholic, corporate number cruncher who crosses paths with Jimmy Fallon's laid-back math teacher.  They begin dating and all is going well until the baseball season begins and she takes a backseat to his other love - the Red Socks.  Will they be able to reach a compromise regarding his obsession, or has their relationship struck out once and for all?

7.  Bridget Jones' Diary - We hop across the pond to London for a modern-day take on Pride and Prejudice.  Renee Zellweger stars as an accident-prone publishing assistant who's pretty realistic by Hollywood standards.  Early one she's offended by a dowdy lawyer played by Colin Firth, and yet he keeps popping up in her life.  And although she's attracted to her boss that she knows is no good for her, she keeps finding herself drawn to this latter-day Mr. Darcy.  If you like it, be sure to check out the sequel, Bridget Jones:  The Edge of Reason.  And a third part should be in theaters around 2011.  Yep, I'll be there to see what new hijinks the title character manages to get into.

8.  Til There Was You - Usually, the two romantic leads meet early on in a film, but not this time.  Here, Jeanne Tripplehorn's writer and Dylan McDermott's architect nearly meet a dozen times as they live in Los Angeles, but never quite manage to come face to face.  How and when will these two people who are obviously supposed to be together meet is what you'll be wondering when watching it.  Just be patient - as any proper romantic comedy should, this one has its happy ending.

9.  Just Like Heaven - This film is also set in California, it just heads up north to San Francisco, where Reese Witherspoon plays a harried surgical resident who has no time for love.  But the story gets complicated when something mysterious happens to her and Mark Ruffalo's miserable landscape architect moves into her apartment.  Soon, she's visiting him in a ghostly form and the two eventually fall for each other.  But when they figure out what's happened to her, will he be able to save her from impending doom, or is he destined to loose another woman he loves?

10.  While You Were Sleeping - We end our whirlwind tour in Chicago, where Sandra Bullock stars as a lonely transit employee with dreams of traveling around the world.  When she saves the Prince Charming she's been pining over from certain death, her life gets complicated.  Although she's never really met the guy, his family ends up thinking they're engaged and she finds herself falling for his brother, played by Bill Pullman.  When her would-be fiance wakes up from his coma, she's left with the dilemma of who to pick - him or the man she's come to love.

So there you have it - ten romantic comedies all to help set the right mood for Valentine's Day, and each stamped with my personal seal of approval.  Love them, or hate them, feel free to respond and suggest your personal faves.  And for any of you who might have gotten fed up with the abundance of saccharine-filled romantic endings listed here, be sure to make it back for tomorrow's post - I promise it's completely sugar-free...


  1. Yes, I agree with the movies you've mentioned however, I have not seen a couple of them. I would also recommend a couple of old movies, Roman Holiday and The African Queen. If either of those movies are on TCM I can't help but sit down and watch them again.

  2. You're right, I didn't even mention classic movies. I not all that familiar with them, but I have seen parts of The African Queen and all of Roman Holiday. I adored it, even if the ending wasn't quite as happy as I'd have hoped.