Sunday, January 31, 2010

This Little Piggy

Magnet # 156:  Miniature Pig

Material:  Plastic

Purchased By:  Gina

Boy, January is almost over and I haven't even mentioned one of it's most well-known traditions - that of shedding extra pounds made greater by the holiday season.  Let's face it, most of us get a little piggy with all of the sweets and treats that bombard us from Thanksgiving through Christmas, all the way to New Year's Eve.  And how can we really be blamed - there is just so many good foods around and most of us feel like celebrating!  But, considering quite a few folks are already in need of shedding weight, this can just pack more pounds on an already bad situation.  And come January, it's time to repent (or at least tell ourselves we will).

Clearly, the weight loss industry is very invested in our renewed determination to take off the weight every New Year.  Commercials hit us at nearly every break advertising gyms, fitness DVDs, and food companies that assist in weight loss like Kashi and Special K, to name a couple.  With one trip to the grocery store or superstore this month, you can find all sorts of specials on these foods and equipment that have been reduced in price and set out where they're more visible to shoppers.  Although January isn't technically National Weight Loss Month, from the 17th to the 23rd this year, it featured a Healthy Weight Week.  As its name implies, the creators of this weeklong event are not so much interested in getting people skinny as they are in helping them reach their own healthy body size.  They advocate a lifestyle change over a diet, daily exercise, and eating a well-balanced diet.  On their website at, visitors can get help figuring out how best to go about achieving their ideal weight, find helpful organizations, and learn what are some of the worst weight loss gimmicks on the market.  And although Healthy Weight Loss Week may be over for this year, you can see what events they have coming - give their site a try if you're wanting to take off a few pounds.

I admit, I definitely let myself overindulge this holiday season.  There were Thanksgiving and Christmas parties at the office and elsewhere, and people who could cook well brought some tasty treats.  And while I didn't gain any serious weight, I think some of my clothes are a little tighter.  It would be nice to have them be a bit looser.  So I've gone back to one of my best weight loss aids, soup.  And that's funny, because it's actually National Soup Month in January.  There are some soups that are very low in fat and calories, but are also pretty healthy, like two of my favorite, Italian Wedding soup and Minestrone.  Just be careful- soup can have a good deal of sodium, but many manufactures have started using sea salt, which has less sodium.  Of course, soup can get old, so try to mix it up with other meals that are low in fat and calories.  You could try seafood or chicken - they're some of the healthier meats out there.  I've found Italian sausages made with chicken on turkey can be pretty tasty.  And this is also Oatmeal Month.  Eating oatmeal can help you cut down on fat and calories along with other healthy benefits.  It's never been a favorite food of mine, but you might want to give it a try.  Just don't cut back too much - taking away all of your favorite indulgences makes it more likely for you to fall off of the weight loss wagon, so to speak.  And exercise is pretty important, too, although I'm pretty bad about getting that in.  Sometimes just parking your vehicle further out or taking the stairs is a good start, though.

So to those of you about to loose weight (or already doing so), I salute you.  Goodness knows, losing weight can be quite difficult.  And keeping it off can be even worse.  But I wish you all the best in keeping those piggy impulses at bay, and hope you'll do the same for me.

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