Sunday, January 24, 2010

Our Final Stops

Magnet # 151:  Orlando Cockatoo

Material:  Clay

Purchased By:  Me

Once Lindsay and I had finished up in Florida's southwestern Hernando County, we headed east to the center of the state and one of its most famous cities, Orlando.  The drive on Florida Highway 50 was a little interesting - for the first time on our trip, we passed by some of Florida's famous orange groves, and were able to see them both on the tree and in trucks as they were being harvested.  It definitely made us feel like we were driving through the Sunshine State.

Our only stop in Orlando was at Downtown Disney, which is basically Disney World for free.  It's pretty much only shops and restaurants , though, so it's in Disney's best interest to let tourists right on in.  And they got some money out of us.  We went to the West Side of the complex, which has more of  a combination of dining, shops, and entertainment than any other part of Downtown Disney.  There's even an AMC theatre there.  Oddly enough, I noticed most of the license plates on the cars there were from Florida.  I'd been to Downtown Disney before, but I hadn't been to the West Side in awhile, and it was Lindsay's first trip there ever.  We went to a store that was right up my alley, Magnetron Magnetz.  Yep, it's a store that is covered with thousands of magnets.  As you can imagine, I was right at home.  They even had my favorites, Clay Critters, and I bought this pretty bird because it reminds me of the exotic nature of the city.  They also had remote control flying fairies, and Lindsay picked up one of those.  I think I got about four magnets, which is pretty good for me.  I try not to go overboard getting too many magnets from one city or state.  We would have stopped by the Marketplace on the opposite end of Downtown Disney, which is a pretty cool collection of shops like my favorite, 365 Days of Christmas, which is filled with Disney holiday-themed items, but its parking lots were completely full.  I guess a three-day weekend isn't the best time to go to Disney World, because it can get pretty crowded.  Even the Magnetron was packed.

Our next stop was at the Jacksonville Landing, a shopping complex on the north bank of St. Johns River in Jacksonville that's been open over twenty years.  Lindsay got another flying fairy from their Toy Factory.  Unfortunately, their souvenir shop had already closed for the day, so I couldn't get a magnet.  We had a really good dinner at a restaurant there that overlooked the river and downtown Jacksonville, and then headed back to Savannah, and directly to sleep.  The next day, we slept in, went out for breakfast, and did a little shopping.  Lindsay left for her home at around noon.  

All in all, we had a pretty great trip.  Sure, it started off a little lousy, but we still managed to have fun.  It was nice just hanging out together.  I think we're both looking forward to having another adventure in the future.  And who knows where we'll end up then - guess we'll have to wait and see.


  1. Elizabeth,

    Enjoyed reading your posts and am in awe not only with your understanding, knowledge and reserch, but the time you actually find to write and share with others. Your passion, possitive attitude is very refreshing in today's world.

    I wish you well with continuing expanding your awareness with this New year and beyond. May happiness follows you wherever you travel!



    ps: Clay Critters is one of the best company out there. The son creates all the designs for their magnets. Their management principles are second to none. I had the pleasure of having dinner with their 2nd generation principles in NY one year and will always treasure the experience. Simply wonderful, down-to-earth people from middle of America!

  2. Thanks so much for the kind words! I'm glad my writings have had a positive influence on your day.

    That's great to know that the folks at Clay Critters are as nice as they seem. You have to appreciate a small, family-run business that puts out such great work. I certainly hope to tour their factory in Indiana someday.

  3. When you do find the time to go to Indiana, I am sure they will give you a great tour!