Monday, January 25, 2010

The Blues of Winter

Magnet # 152: Meredith Dillman's Winter Kitsune

Material: Metal, Paper, Mylar Shell

Purchased By: Me

Well, we've reached what's considered by many to be the Most Depressing Day of the Year. That's a pretty dubious title. What exactly has January 25, 2010 done to deserve such a reputation?

First of all, it's a Monday. And as most of us working folks who have the weekend off know, Monday can be pretty depressing. But this isn't just any Monday - this one is also known as Blue Monday, another name for the Most Depressing Day. The holidays are truly over, and many have already failed in their New Years resolutions. Credit card bills from Christmas indulgences are starting to roll in, and people are starting to feel the pinch. Studies have actually shown that more workers are depressed this on day than on any other. Ever since this phenomenon was identified, it was said to occur on the Monday of the last full working week in January. Oddly enough, last year the tradition changed when it actually rolled forward a week. I guess folks were particularly depressed that year. And this year, some claim that it is actually January 18, not the 25th. I'm not sure I can agree with that. After all, January 18 was Martin Luther King, Jr Day, and I, along with many others, had a paid day of leave from work. There is nothing depressing about a day off. And some said it was on January 19, but who gets upset over a four day work week? But now, we are definitely entering a period in the year that is void of any leave from work. For most of us, there are no paid, company-scheduled days off until Memorial Day at the end of May (okay, some folks may get President's Day off). I can understand getting a little bummed over that.

People are also depressed on Blue Monday about how the long, cold winter nights stretch before them, and that must be particularly true this year. We've already seen some record lows around the country, and it's predicted that three-quarters of the United States will see temperatures well below their regular average. In places like Dallas, Texas, they've had the first snowfall in years and in nearby Waco, they've seen the temperature dip into the single digits for the first time in over twenty years.  Both Beaumont in Texas and Louisiana's Alexandria have reached new record lows this year, and they're not alone.  In Iowa and other Midwestern states, snow storms and sub-zero temperatures have also broken record lows.  Even in usually sunny Florida, the farmers are struggling to save their crops from frost they are just not accustomed to dealing with.  In fact, a friend of mine from Washington state traveled down to Florida for business this month.  An avid golfer, he was excited to participate in a local golf tournament, because he doesn't get to play this time of year.  And, of course, the temperatures were only about ten degrees less than he's used to back home.  But he still participated, and did well.  Here in Savannah, we've had about two weeks of freezing temperatures, some of the lowest we've had in decades.  We might have a day or two of these kind of temperatures most years, but not a streak that lasts that long.  And while it's eased up for a little while, it looks like the freezing temperatures may be on their way back.  I have to admit, I am not at all fond of cold weather - it's one of the reasons I like the South so much.  I guess I'm just cold natured.  If the air conditioning goes out and everyone around me is burning up, I usually don't even notice.  But if the temperature falls out of the seventies, I start to whine.  So you can imagine just how thrilled I am at the prospect of more freezing temperatures.

Now that you're aware of the nature of this day, you have two choices of how to deal with it.  You can take advantage of the fact that it's okay to be miserable today because it's pretty much a scientific fact.  Have a good cry, curl up into a ball, or what have you.  Or you can fight the depressing nature of this day.  Get together with a friend, or at least give one a call.  Look at pretty art, like that of Meredith Dillman.  Listen to some fun, upbeat music.  Fix a nice dinner, maybe one you've been wanting to have for awhile.  Bundle up with tea or hot cocoa and a good book.  Really, the possibilities of how to cheer yourself up on this day are nearly limitless.  So give one a try and combat these winter blues.  And look at the bright side - from here it's all downhill, right?


  1. Well said!

    But for some, it might not be as easy as getting out of depression. I believe one needs to have 1) confidence in themself with full understanding of 2) not everything will turn out how they want it to be right away. Everything takes time and it will be ok to wait out the storm.

    The All Might is fair to everyone, he gives some healthy body with imperfect mindset. Others, He gave imperfect bodies but a beautiful mind. We should never let the imperfection over our thinking.

    Dr Wayne Dyer said it best when illustrating the cat story. If happiness is at the tail, don't go chasing it all day. Make it a habit to let the tail follow you instead.


  2. Well, I for one had just a fine Monday. Hope the rest of you did as well.

  3. Thankfully my Monday turned out marvelously. But that didn't hit until about noon when I got inspired to write something. Until then, I was "queue the Bangles..."

    Just another Manic Monday, wish it were Sunday.

  4. Thank you all! Glad you were both able to have a good time on Blue Monday and I do hope those out there who truly suffer from depression are able to overcome their troubles.