Friday, December 18, 2009

On Top of Big D

Magnet # 121:  Downtown Dallas

Material:  Rubber

Purchased By:  Me

Well, I've mentioned by great love for Texas before on this blog, and of all the cities, Dallas is by far my favorite.  Sure, some might go with Austin, San Antonio, or what have you, but the Big D, as it's also known, is easily my favorite.  I guess to a certain degree, it's tied in with the fact that most my extended family is living there.  This is the place I often spent summer vacations and the Christmas holidays.  And no sight in Dallas stirs up a Texas fervor in me like that of Reunion Tower.

It's pictured toward the center of this magnet - it's basically the stick with a ball on top.  So why does this place inspire such love for me?  I have to admit, I'm not exactly sure why.  I think it's partially because it's the most distinguishing building in the Dallas skyline.  I know I'm looking at the Big D when I see it, and I know when we're on a twelve hour drive home that we've made it when I glimpse this structure.  It was completed in 1978 as part of a renewal in downtown Dallas, before I was born, so it's been there all of my life.  And I also love the criss-cross look of the aluminum slats that cover the dome at the top of the tower, and how they light up at night.  All of my life, various members of my family, like my Mom's sister, had told me about traveling to the top of the tower and seeing the view of Dallas from there and, although I hadn't made a big deal about it, I always wanted to go up there, too.

So you can imagine my dismay when, a few years back, my Mom's mom told me about how she and part of the family had gone to the restaurant at Reunion Tower to celebrate Mother's Day.  I was so bummed that I had missed out!  But we were coming later that year at Christmas, so my grandmother decided to treat us all with a trip to the tower on Christmas Eve to have our meal there.  I was so excited, and I was not disappointed.  The meal was a big buffet with all sorts of tables, all lined up in a circle that followed the shape of the structure.  None of the buffet tables moved, but the dining tables did.  They were arranged around the huge windows overlooking the city, so the view was impressive, even if it was a little cloudy that day.  The food was great, and it was neat to see which buffet table we were coming up on next.  And I was really happy that they had sushi on the table, even if it was just the veggie kind - I had been having sushi withdrawal on the trip.  I also remember the dessert table was particularly impressive.  After the meal was over, we went to the observation deck for an even better view of the city.  It was all I had hoped for, and having my family there made it even better.

Even though we're not going home to Texas for Christmas this year, I'm not sure if we would have gone to Reunion Tower even if we did.  The restaurant changed hands earlier this year, and it's now run by Wolfgang Puck, so I don't know if they are having a Christmas Eve buffet.  Plus, the observation deck is currently closed for construction.  But we will always have the memories of that great Christmas Eve visit, and I'm glad to know Reunion Tower will be there next time I go to Dallas to be reunited with my family.

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