Monday, November 23, 2009

Trading Post

Magnet # 100: Balinese Girl With Offering

Material: Rubber

Purchased By: Shinta

Wow - I'm up to 100 - already? Boy, that seemed to happen pretty quickly. Well, in honor of moving up to the triple digits in my blog, I've decided to post one of my favorites today - this pretty awesome looking one from Indonesia. When I saw it in another person's magnet blog, it gave me total magnet envy. Not only is it purple, my absolute favorite color, but it's also rubber, one of my favorite magnet materials, and it has a person on it - I love it when magnets feature natives of their respective countries! Add to that the colorful nature of this one, and the interesting overall design, and I was smitten. But I figured I pretty much had no shot of ever getting it - after all, how the heck was I going to get one from Bali? And then I ran across another magnet collection - one from a gal in Indonesia who does a lot of magnet swaps with folks from all over the world, and it shows. Of all the magnet collections I've seen online, hers is the most impressive. I guess she's able to amass such an amazing collection because she trades pretty often, is from an exotic location not easy to get magnets from, and has a large amount of them available to trade. And yes, this magnet that I wanted so badly is one of them. So, I contacted her and we ended up trading two magnets, including this one - yay, success! I definitely enjoyed doing a trade with her, and hope to do one again sometime.

That's the only trade I've done so far, but I'm open to trying more. I'm still not completely sure how it all works, especially gathering ones to trade. How many is enough, for example? And I know there are groups you can join to do trades, but I'm not sure exactly which ones are out there. And then there's the possibility of sending out a magnet, but never getting one in return. I imagine that happens from time to time with the girl I traded with. Well, there's so much to consider, but I think I will definitely try more trades. I do think I'd like to keep them to a minimum, though. I imagine they can become overwhelming if I tried too many, too often. But it's pretty cool to think of some of the exotic magnets I could get through trading that I might not have a shot at otherwise.

Well, I guess this post is a bit magnet-centric, but I think it's okay, given the occasion. I hope you've all had fun reading these first 100 posts, no matter when you joined in. And, trust me, there's plenty more magnets where these came from - getting in another 100 won't be hard.  Hope the next round is as much fun as this one has been!


  1. Congrats on the milestone! Been an interesting read thus far, full of great info. Glad Lindsay pointed me to your page.

    So how large is your magnet collection?

  2. Thanks - I'm glad she did, too!

    That is a tough question. I don't really count them, but I'd guesstimate it's somewhere between four and five hundred. Pretty soon, I'll have to change my slogan to "the kitchen is not enough!" Somebody stop me before it gets to "the house!"

  3. Just buy a bigger house with a bigger kitchen. ;-)