Sunday, November 1, 2009

Time to Save

Magnet # 81:  Michele-lee Phelan's The Sleep of Briar Rose

Material:  Plastic

Purchased By:  Me

I hope everyone enjoyed their extra hour of sleep last night and have set their clocks forward by an hour now, because Daylight Savings Time has ended once again.  I admit, I'm not entirely crazy about having to fool with my clocks again.  I'm also not too sure if the whole concept of gaining more light in the afternoon makes as much sense now as it did in early twentieth century, when countries began to adopt this practice.  With the advancements we've made in technology since then, it just doesn't seem as necessary as it once was.  And a fair amount of nations have abandoned Daylight Savings time over the years, or pushed its end further and further back, as the United States have.  But I admit, this is the part of the year when I'm not in a bad mood about it.  Gaining an extra hour of sleep is something I don't mind.  When we loose an hour in early Spring, you'll see how irritated I can really get because of this practice (maybe it's the lack of sleep).

This magnet is the only one I have featuring the work of Michele-lee Phelan, a talented Australian fantasy artist, whose website is  Her works are very spiritual and often feature mythological gods and goddesses, some fairies, and majestic, otherworldy creatures, particularly the dragon.  She mainly works in acrylics, sometimes complementing them with colored pencils and watercolors, but she also occasionally dabbled in other media, often with some beautiful results.  Her work has been featured in tarot cards, on book covers, and CD covers.  Michele-lee ventured into fantasy art about a decade ago, so much of her earlier work is available to see on the Internet, and it's remarkable to note the progress she has made.  And one of her daughters has followed in her footsteps, producing some nice work of her own.  Michele-lee is currently at work on a 20" x 40" canvas, the largest space on which she's ever painted, producing an enormous fairy.  I look forward to seeing the results, as well as all new works from this very impressive artist.  And lucky her - she has spring and lots of extra light to look forward to.  Now that we're off Daylight Savings Time, I'm a bit bummed about all the dark hours and cold weather those of us in the Northern Hemisphere have coming our way. 

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