Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Delicious Delaware

Magnet # 83: Dover Downs Hotel & Casino

Material: Rubber

Purchased By: Me

Well, now that my theme of creepy posts for the month of October has ended, I thought it might be fun to talk a bit about my trip to the Mid-Atlantic last month. I traveled to Dover, Delaware on the third day, pleased because, from what I'd heard, it was a fairly quiet place, and I figured I could use a bit of a rest.

By the time I'd stopped by the one tourist shop in town, Delaware Made, and found the hotel recommended by a local AAA agent, it was dark and I was tired. She'd also suggested a local seafood restaurant, but I was too exhausted to try and find it. On the way to my hotel, I had noticed Dover Downs nearby, a local hotel and casino that featured horse racing. Oddly enough, before my trip, a friend in Savannah had vouched for it from a previous trip there, even going so far as to suggest I stay there, but it had looked a little expensive in the guide book. But a dinner at a local restaurant that was easy to find sounded good, so I asked the lady at the front desk about it, and she said she loved the buffet there. Sounded good to me.

Once inside, I headed straight to the gift shops in search of magnets (priorities, people!). They only had two, both of the casino. I decided to get these one since it had pretty ponies, not a slot machine. I never saw the buffet, but I did check out two of their restaurants before settling on Doc Magrogan's Oyster House. When I was seated, my waitress informed me that this night, a Thursday, they offered lobster for twenty dollars. I scanned the menu, realized what a great deal it was, and caved. It was a great move. The lobster was delicious and came with potatoes and corn. Of course, it had been awhile since I'd had it and had forgotten just how messy it was. But if anyone is ever in the area, I'd definitely recommend this place, even if it's not a Thursday.

After my meal was over, I walked through the casino, which was just too busy and noisy for my tastes. And, no, I didn't gamble - I like to know what I'm paying for. And I didn't want to loose my magnet money! But I did head up to the area where the horses raced. But it was totally abandoned that night, so I didn't get to see any horses. I headed back to the hotel, pleased with my choice. And the next day, I ventured out to experience what else Dover had to offer, like the State Capitol and the Biggs Museum. I really did enjoy my time in the city. But, considering how many magnets I bought there, I'd better wait to tell you more about it so I'll have something to say with my other Delaware magnets.


  1. Atlas Obscura might give you some unusual magnet ideas to collect :)

  2. Those caves sound pretty cool - and that site looks awesome - thanks!