Sunday, October 25, 2009

Witchy and Whimsical

Magnet # 74: Paulina Stuckey-Cassidy's Doin' the Happy Dance

Material: Plastic

Purchased By: N/A - given to me, free

Well, Halloween is getting closer still, so if you need a costume and haven't figured out just what to buy, it's time to act! I thought this image of a cute little witch and her adorable dog familiars might help to get everyone in a Halloween mood. After all, there aren't many costumes more appropriate for this holiday than that of a witch.

It's pretty tough not to love artists who give out business card magnets with their work on them for free. Well, for me at least. I met Paulina Stuckey-Cassidy a couple of years ago at Dragon*Con in their Art Show. I'd brought a copy of The Art of Faery, a fantasy art compilation of work by about twenty different artists for another artist to sign. I thought it might be a nice way to break the ice. Once she had finished signing the page where her work was featured, she began thumbing through the book to see if any other artists featured in it were at the Con. Turns out Paulina was, and she had the booth right next door! Once I was finished at the first artist's booth, I moved on down to Paulina's table, introductions already made. Paulina was so nice - she signed my book on her page and even added a sketch. Then she gave me this magnet. It was toward the end of the Con, so most of her products had been sold, but I ended up buying a light switch cover with her delightful work on it. I still have it up in my bedroom. She was so nice to me -and to my shame, I've not talked to her since. I don't know if she's been at Dragon*Con in the years since, and I keep forgetting to look for her. I intend to change that next year.

Since meeting Pauline, I've been checking out her work on her website, She's very prolific and her work is so cute and whimsical, even when it's a little dark. I love her linework and the amount of detail she puts into all of her art. She also has a selection of books that she's both written and illustrated and she's even collaborated with singer Tori Amos on a book called The Bee Sides. She has a number of creepy and Halloween-themed images, so if you'd like to see more images to inspire a All Hallows Eve state of mind, give her site a look.

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