Saturday, October 31, 2009

This Is Halloween

Magnet # 80:  The Olde Pink House, Savannah Georgia

Material:  Resin

Purchased By:  Me

Happy Halloween, everyone!  I hope there's no tricks, all treats in store for you today.

Well, I've decided to return home to wrap up my month of horrors.  The only time I've ever actually visited the Pink House, a historic restaurant here in Savannah, was on Halloween night several years ago.  My friend Catherine and I decided to have a bit of a progressive dinner downtown.  We started out at Churchill's Pub, then headed over to the basement of the Pink House for dessert.  We had a nice time - there were fires going, the piano was playing, and we both had an ice cream treat with berries in an edible bowl made of crushed nuts.  It was quite tasty.  Of course, we never realized we were spending Halloween in a haunted locale.

Yep, I later found out during the carriage ride I mentioned earlier this month that the Pink House is reportedly haunted.  It was built in 1771 by James Habersham, Jr., a military man and Revolutionary war hero who wanted a beautiful mansion within walking distance of the Savannah River.  You can imagine his shock when a bad combination of red bricks and white plaster resulted in a pink color for his dream home!  The house was continually painted over with coats of white paint so Habersham could try to keep his dignity.  It took over one hundred years for the house to come into the hands of an owner who decided to let the pink shade of the house show, giving it a distinction from other historic downtown homes that would eventually make it a Savannah landmark.  By this time, it was also said that the house was haunted.

After his death in 1799, the ghost of James Habersham, Jr. has been said to been seen walking his home at the Pink House countless times.  Nearly every server there has claimed to see his manifestation.  Apparently, he tends to be seen more during the months from October to March and on quiet Sunday afternoons.  Even one patron claimed that he shared a toast with the ghost while he was seated at the bar.  There is a rumor that he even hanged himself at the Pink House, which might explain why his spirit is so connected to the place.  His grandson is also said to haunt the spot, sometimes ordering a beer before traveling to his grave at the local cemetery.  At least one female reportedly haunts the second floor dining area, and people have said they hear her sobbing when the restaurant is closed.  And some have claimed to see the ghosts of slave children in the basement, where they roll dice, and have apparently hit the bartender with bottles of wine.  One particularly mischievous ghost may haunt the woman's restroom, locking women in stalls and forcing the doors closed until someone comes to free them.  It's actually a part of the staff's routine to check the stalls every so often in case a patron has been stranded there.  When we were on our tour, the guide said that a patron from one ride was actually trapped in there when she ran in the restroom as the carriage continued along the Square and everyone else was told about the Pink House's hauntings.  When she finally returned, she told her tale, but some on the ride thought it was actually a staged event.  Although neither Catherine not I saw any unusual occurrences during our visit there on Halloween, all these stories do make me wonder what was going on around us unseen that night.

I've really enjoyed finding all of these magnets that tie into haunted and creepy locales around the world.  I even have a couple that are going to have to wait until next year to be posted, although I only missed one day in October.  Next month, or tomorrow, I'll resume my regular posting activities and may skip a day every so often.  But I look forward to saving and planning for next October - I hope everyone else has had as much fun reading these creepy posts as I did researching and writing them!


  1. I definately enjoyed reading this month's creepy postings. Now I'm just looking forward to Halloween tonight!

  2. Thanks - hope you have a great time!