Saturday, October 10, 2009

Think Pink

Magnet # 60: Selina Fenech's Impossible Love

Material: Plastic

Purchased By: Me

October isn't just about Halloween, it's also National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. And let's face it, there's no place on earth I can talk about that's scarier than being diagnosed with breast cancer. It's a reality that possibly two hundred thousand people will face this year in America alone. But everyone can join together against this disease.

There are all sorts of ways to support breast cancer research. For example, today in Savannah, a few hair salons are raising money for the cause by dying hair entirely pink, or just pink in sections. They can even add pink hair extensions. Also, around this time of year I always start saving up my pink Yoplait yogurt lids. Each lid mailed in is worth 10 cents to the Susan G. Komen organization, with a maximum donation of 1.5 million dollars. I eat their yogurt about five times a week, so I can accumulate quite a few. Of course, as others have pointed out, it's a little gross that everyone is most likely licking their lids and then sending them in. I sure don't want to be the poor soul opening those envelopes! And there are so many more options, like visiting and perhaps signing up to participate in a Race for the Cure.

I chose to post this gorgeous image because it's by Selina Fenech, an Australian fantasy artist who was diagnosed with breast cancer just last year. She was only in her mid-twenties at the time. I read her blog and I was completely shocked when she revealed the diagnosis there. She must have been terrified, but she handled it as best she could. I was in awe of her seemingly fearless attitude. She took the coolest route possible and did every crazy thing people want to do their hair, but are too scared to try. She chopped it and dyed it blonde and then every color she could come up with, even posting pics from time to time. By the end, she said it had the consistency of a Brillo pad and she was ready for it to fall out. She fought hard with surgery and chemo and her doctors have since given her a clean bill of health. Right now, she's taking a hard-earned vacation in Vietnam. I wish her the very best. If you want to see more of her work, her website is And, yep, she even has some magnets for sale there, although I ordered this one at Dragon*Con from Ellen Million and it arrived just in time to post here - yay!

We've come a long way with both the diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer. It's causing fewer deaths every year, and giving us more inspirational survivor tales like Selina's. Breast cancer is far easier to treat when it's diagnosed early, so ladies (and men) stay on top of it with self-exams and mammograms. And with some luck, one day breast cancer may be completely a disease of the past.


  1. Thanks for this inspiring information.

  2. I noticed a new look to your blog. I like it! It seems much easier to read. Thanks!

  3. Glad you like it! I have more about it in Tuesday's post.