Thursday, October 8, 2009

My Wonderful Halloween

Magnet # 58:  Wonder Woman Charging

Material:  Metal, Paper, Mylar Shell

Purchased by:  Me

When I was growing up, reruns of the old Wonder Woman series starring Linda Carter seemed to be all over the tube.  It was pretty much the first exposure I'd ever had to comic book based superheroes and I was hooked.  Wonder Woman was the coolest!  I loved her whole spinning trick.  It would be years before I grew up realized just how hokey the show was and cruelly cast Wonder Woman aside in favor of Jean Grey.  But at that time, she was the greatest.

Back then, I had a Wonder Woman mask and a set of full-coverage underroo type deals that were pretty close to a full costume.  I'd put them on and run around chasing my parents, grandparents, and anyone else unfortunate enough to get in my path.  They'd usually play along and I had such fun.  So there was never any real question what I was going to be for Halloween that year.  But life ended up throwing me a curve ball.  Come Halloween night, there I was in my mask and costume with a few extra accessories, and we're not talking bullet-proof bracelets here:  a blanket, full leg cast, wheelchair, and my Mommy to push me around.  I guess people thought Wonder Woman had gotten into a pretty bad fight.

Funny, I don't remember thinking my broken leg and wheelchair were any big deal.  And try as I have, I cannot find one picture of me from that night - darn.  Anyway, here's a lesson to all of you - make plans to have fun this Halloween night.  And if life throws something in your path, roll with it.


  1. I remember that night too. I think you enjoyed the novelty of trick-or-treating in a wheelchair, but alas your parent were never (and still aren't) good about remembering a camera. Mom

  2. Maybe I just enjoyed not having to trudge along all night and still getting candy!