Saturday, October 3, 2009

America's Most Haunted

Magnet # 53:  Savannah Carriage

Material:  Rubber

Purchased By:  Me

Yeah, I know, posting my city of residence first in my month of horrors might seem a little like preferential treatment to some.  But I think it's appropriate considering the American Institute of Paranormal Psychology named Savannah America's Most Haunted City back in 2003.  Yep, it's a charming, historical Southern locale by day.  But at night, Savannah can be downright creepy.

Each night, after sunset, local companies lead visitors on ghost tours.  They travel by foot, in horse-drawn carriages, and even in converted hearses.  Last year, two of my friends were visiting the city and, for the first time ever, I went on a ghost tour with them.  It was a carriage ride that lead through some of the squares.  During it, I felt a bit of regret about not taking the tour earlier.  There were so many interesting facts I was finding out about the city!  It would have been nice to have known them the entire time I was here.  But the most memorable moment of the tour was when we came up to an outdoor reception that was playing some really loud, funky music.  One of the horses began to move a bit more as we came to a stop and then, he was full-on dancing.  It was hilarious!  He was jiving much as it was possible in a harness.  The guide explained he used to be a show horse that performed in a circus.  From time to time, his old habits would pop up in his new life.  I'm certainly glad they did that night.  Sure, it made the ride a bit more silly than scary.  But I don't think any of the three of us will ever forget that outing.  And we can always try again for scarier Savannah memories.


  1. Sounds interesting. Maybe the next time I come to Savannah, I'll try the ghost tour.