Friday, September 11, 2009

We Remember

Magnet # 34: Twin Towers, New York City

Material: Resin

Purchased By: Mom & Dad

It's pretty much impossible not to post this magnet today. My parents picked this up when they visited New York City a couple weeks after 9/11 in 2001. They'd had a trip planned for months. So when the Towers fell, some family members, myself included, thought they might play it safe and cancel their vacation. But they decided not to let the terrorists tell them where to travel and went anyway. They had a great time - in fact, it was much easier for them to get good Broadway tickets.

I was lucky enough to visit the Twin Towers on my trip to New York in January of 2001. The group I was with had reservations at Windows on the World in the North Tower on the 106th and 107th floors for a meal that was included in the cost of the trip. The restaurant was incredible, surrounded by windows overlooking Manhattan. I can't remember what food I had, or whether it was good, but I certainly don't remember having a bad meal there. What I do remember was that one member of our trip was having a birthday that day so we bought him a card, had everyone sign it, and stuck a quarter in it. Having walked around Downtown Manhattan for the past week, we were familiar with just what a quarter could buy there from all the ads. I took some photos that night, which I still have. If I'd known what was going to happen, I would have paid more attention and remembered the experience a bit more. But, even with the 1996 attack on the Towers, nobody could have figured an event like that would happen. Guess it's a lesson in how we should appreciate what we have because we don't know when we'll loose it, as the saying goes.

One comment I've heard on the news today is how it is a shame that there is still no permanent tribute to the victims of that day. Ground Zero is like a gaping wound for our country that has yet to heal. Do we even yet know what will happen there, or are we still in talks? Considering the Pentagon has been restored and now includes a memorial and a chapel for its victims, it's hard to understand why eight years later we can't make sense of what to do with this area. Hopefully, the powers that be will come to a firm decision soon. We'll never get over what happened on that day, but some kind of rebuilding might help us make peace with such a terrible loss.


  1. Yes, I agree about enjoying what we have when we have it. I also went to Windows on the World years ago and always thought I'd return someday but who would have thought that would be impossible.

  2. Thanks for your comment - it really is a shame no one can ever enjoy such a wonderful establishment again.