Sunday, September 27, 2009

Starve No More, Artists

Magnet # 47:  Ellen Million's Golden Apples

Material:  Plastic

Purchased By:  Me

Another artist I was looking forward to meeting at this year's Dragon*Con was Ellen Million.  She always has such interesting things to say in her Live Journal blog and her artwork is so pretty.  She's a self-proclaimed Dot Addict and if anyone saw the amount of stippling, or tiny dots that give a sense of shading, she puts into some of her pieces, they'd be hard-pressed to argue that nickname.  She also has a very strong sense of narrative in her work and doesn't skimp on the backgrounds, both qualities  I admire.  So I definitely wanted to pick up a couple of her magnets at the Con.  My almost lifelong love of mythology prompted me to buy this one, which features Idun, the Norse Goddess of eternal youth and Bragi, the Norse God of poetry.  

I also wanted to meet Ellen because she has her own company, Ellen Million Graphics, that represents quite a few talented fantasy artists.  Her website is  Ellen's goal in life is to "disassociate the words starving and artist" and her company's slogan is "Taking the Starving out of Artists Since 1993."  I was hoping to show her my own work.  To be honest, I wasn't even sure if it would make the cut.  And the first time I stopped by her booth, I just couldn't work up the courage to show her my portfolio, so I ended up buying a stack of magnets, both hers and her artists.  That was fine, but it bugged me that I had chickened out yet again.  And then a friend of mine, who is an incredibly talented artist herself, decided to give me a confidence boost by showing my work to a few other artists.  They had very nice comments and encouraged me to enter the Dragon*Con art show next year.  Bolstered by this, I managed to go back to Ellen's booth and nervously hand her my portfolio.  She seemed impressed by my work and wished that she was accepting artists right then.  Ellen told me to submit my art the next time she called for new artists and said she was glad I had managed to come back and show her my work.  She even sympathized me on how tough it is to show someone your work.  I was really glad to meet her, especially considering she's not planning on attending Dragon*Con again anytime soon.  And I will be sure to apply to be one of her artists when the time comes.  Wish me luck!