Sunday, September 13, 2009

Scooby Doo, Where Are You

Magnet # 35:  Mystery, Inc. Washing the Mystery Machine

Material:  Metal, Paper, Mylar Shell

Purchased By:  Me

He's on my fridge, of course!  Yep, Scooby and the gang are all here.  There's Fred the leader, Daphne the kidnap fodder, brainy, hardworking Velma, scruffy but lovable Shaggy, and everyone's favorite crime-solving Great Dane himself.

The first episode of Scooby-Doo, Where Are You! aired on CBS today back in 1969, which means the gang has now officially been around for 40 years.  It's amazing to me how this show continues to appeal to one generation after another.  I was not a first generation Scooby watcher, but I loved this show nonetheless.  And my cousin, who's over ten years younger than I, was a big Scooby fan - his favorite villain was the Creeper.  And how, back then, could I tell a good episode from a bad one?  If it had Scrappy-Doo, Scooby's nerve-wracking, irritating, little nephew in it, it was a bad one.  If not, it was a keeper.

I used to think I was the only one who loathed Scrappy-Doo.  Then the first Scooby-Doo film was released back in 2002.  And I found myself in a position to see it for free.  So I went, figuring how bad could it be?  And it wasn't bad.  It got a lot better when, about midway through, the Scrappy bashing commenced.  Velma was reminiscing about the gang happily riding along in the Mystery Machine.  Then Scrappy popped up.  He started to annoy the heck out of everyone and then he urinated on Daphne.  When Fred called him on it, Scrappy demanded they make him the leader.  Then they tossed the obnoxious little bugger out of the van and drove off.  It was wonderful, but the best was yet to come.  Who was the big, bad, number one villain in the flick?  None other than Scrappy-Doo himself.  The gang managed to defeat the rotten runt and he was taken away in a doggie carrier, lambasting about how he "would have gotten away with it, too, if it weren't for you meddling sons of..." (they cut that part out).  Definitely a flick worth seeing, especially if you're not a Scrappy fan.

Scooby-Doo's eleventh series is set to debut on the Cartoon Networks later this year.  It's called Scooby-Doo - Mystery, Inc. and it will follow the gang as they set up shop in Crystal Cove, a small town with a long history of supernatural phenomena with citizens that don't want their help.  Sounds interesting - here's hoping Scrappy-Doo never puts in an appearance.  Kind of incredible that 40 years in, the Mystery, Inc. gang is as popular as ever.  I love it!

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