Saturday, September 19, 2009

A Pirate's Life for Me

Magnet # 40:  Hilton Head Pirate Alligator

Material:  Resin

Purchased By:  Me

Well, shiver me timbers!  It's Talk Like a Pirate Day once again.  For me hearties who've never heard of it and want to know how it all started, I'll tell ye the tale.

Back in 1995, Oregon residents John Baur and Mark Summers were playing a racquetball game.  When one was injured, he cried out "Aaarrr!" just like a pirate and the two played the rest of the game spouting out pirate lingo.  By the end, inspiration had hit them:  they knew there had to be a day when everyone talked like a pirate.  They celebrated for the first time, later that year, on Summer's ex-wife's birthday.  They were able to popularize the holiday with a 2002 e-mail to Pulitzer Prize-winning humorist author Dave Barry, who spread the message with an article in his column.  Pirates all over the globe jumped on board and the pair became famous, selling books and merchandise on their website,  And yes, they have magnets available on their Cafe Press shop.

So how does a landlubber celebrate a day like this?  Well, for starters, have a look at pirate talk on the official page and give it a try in your everyday talk.  That's simple enough.  But there are plenty of actions to take beyond that.  You can dress like a pirate, and organize a get-together with your pirate buddies.  Folks have rented pirate vessels for the event, but meeting at your home or a pub should work.  Just don't forget the rum!  Some couples have even had pirate-themed weddings or vow renewals on this day.  Is all that effort too much for you?  Well, maybe just pop in a copy of Pirates of the Caribbean and let Johnny Depp do the work for you.  All in all, the creators claim this is a holiday about nothing but having fun, really.  So do something pirate-related and have some fun, or ye be walking the plank.


  1. I had heard of this holiday but had not realized it was today. Thanks for the reminder matey!

  2. I have NEVER heard of this holiday! Thanks for the info!