Tuesday, September 29, 2009

My Favorite Mutant

Magnet # 49:  Famke Janssen as Jean Grey Photo

Material:  Laminated Cardboard

Purchased By:  Catrina

My favorite comic book heroine, Jean Grey, debuted this month back in 1963, along with Cyclops, Angel, Iceman, Beast, Professor X, and Magneto.  That's when Marvel published Uncanny X-Men # 1, a comic which introduced the world to the X-Men.  Stan Lee wrote the book while Jack Kirby handled the pencils.  It's a shame I wasn't around to pick one up - it's worth around $11,500 today.

So why is Jean my favorite?  Well, she's got red hair - and I love red hair.  I've even thought about going red myself someday.  Plus, she has two pretty awesome powers - she can read other's thoughts and move objects with the power of her mind.  And the rest of the X-Men are all quite fond of her because she's a pretty caring person.  Yep, I wouldn't mind being Jean - maybe just for a day, though.  She has a habit of dying a lot.

And, yes, I collect Jean Grey action figures (they're not dolls - really!).  I only collect Jean to try to keep it under control.  My old roommate got me one when she was at a convention, and this image was part of the box.  I didn't want to just toss it away, so I cut it out and eventually laminated it and stuck a magnet on the back.  

I thought Famke Janssen did a good job portraying Jean in the recent X-Men films.  I definitely liked her best in the second one, even if I didn't like her short hair.  There's never been any actress that I've felt must play Jean, and I thought she was a fine choice.  At least they kept her character and story pretty close to what had been established in the comics.  I know alot of Rogue fans were pretty unhappy with all of the changes they made to the heroine and I can't blame them.  When film adaptations mess with characters people love, they rightfully get mad.  Of course, I haven't followed Jean in the comics for years.  Last I checked, she was still dead.  Maybe if Disney can manage to get Marvel Comics back on track and resurrect Jean, I'll go back.  Until then, I can always reread some of the great old X-Men comics she appeared in or pop in X-Men 2 for another viewing.

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