Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Elephant In the Kitchen

Magnet # 42: Birmingham Zoo Elephant

Material: Ceramic, Pewter

Purchased By: Me

So today is Elephant Appreciation Day. It was founded by elephant lover Wayne Hepburn in 1996 and is a day where everyone can celebrate their love for these largest of land mammals.

Interestingly enough, everyday is Elephant Appreciation Day for roughly half the state of Alabama, as the University of Alabama's mascot is an elephant. One of the first questions any newcomer to the state is asked is "Who ya for?" After the confusion clears up, you realize they're referring to the Alabama/Auburn rivalry. Having lived in Savannah for all of these years, I've seen a certain amount of enthusiasm for colleges like the University of Georgia, but not the fever pitch these two teams inspire. It's as heated as any university rivalry in the country. And, to this day, I have no preference. I'm just not a sports fan. And I have no interest in taking sides. But the day of the Alabama/Auburn football game is always a great day for folks like me to hit the town, as it's almost completely empty. Seating at the newest, most popular restaurant is available immediately, and after that, we can go to whatever blockbuster movie was showing and almost have the place to ourselves. Oddly enough, my folks found out a few years ago that Barnes & Noble is pretty filled during the game. I'm not sure why exactly a bookstore would be a big draw during the game - it's not like it's showing there.

When I saw this magnet at the Birmingham Zoo, I knew immediately it was produced by 29 Tonight, as I've spent a certain deal of time at their site, checking out their pretties. They produce quite a few magnets for zoos, aquariums, and museums around the country. Each one features an oval pewter nameplate of their respective institution. But I also realized that, unlike the ones they show on their page, this one is not fully painted. See for yourself at http://www.29tonight.com/magnets. But I actually think I like this version a little better than the one they feature there. Maybe all of the paint is a little too much. That said, I may take a bit of watered down green acrylic paint to the grass on this one someday. It might liven it up a bit. But I'm still quite fond of it.

And Auburn fans, don't worry. If I'm ever at, say, the Montgomery Zoo and I spot a tiger or eagle magnet, I'll be sure to buy it. I'm looking to achieve bipartisanism, at least in college sports, on this blog.


  1. Thanks for supporting the elderly - I hope Baby Boomers in their "golden years" will reduce the stigma of being older. At least that should be our goal!

  2. Sounds like a good goal. It would be nice if old age were something to look forward to, not dread.

  3. Not sure if I should comment on this or not.

    I am not sure what the artist's thinking was when creating this piece. It might very well be the idea of not having the elephant "fully painted".

    I would be curious to see what your version would look like if you decide to add green acrylic to the piece.

    There is no right way or wrong way, just preferences. Gald you enjoyed this piece.