Sunday, August 9, 2009

On Top of the World

Magnet # 6: King Kong Climbing Empire State Building, New York

Material: Rubber

Purchased by: Dad

Another advantage to all of these wonderful magnet blogs out there? Shopping!

Ever since going online and looking at all the magnets available throughout the world, I have come to the realization that rubber magnets like this one are my faves. They're so colorful! And they're fun! Plus, big bonus - they never break. I love the pretty, sculpted resin ones, but if they fall off the fridge, you're looking at a certain degree of damage.  So when I saw this one on, I experienced some pretty serious magnet envy. Luckily, my Dad was going to New York on business not long after, so I pulled the pic, circled this magnet and another one, and shot them over to him. I was hoping he could find something like either one of them. Well, he found this exact one and one pretty close to the other (better in some ways).

So if you see a magnet you like on the web, save it. You never know, passing it along to the right person at the right time might work.


  1. Nice to find another fan of man v food. Your magnets are Wonderful and your blog is more interesting than many shows on Travel Channel!

  2. Awesome - thanks! If you like Travel Channel shows, be sure to check back on Sept. 1