Monday, August 24, 2009

Millions of Peaches

Magnet # 18:  Georgia Peach

Material:  Clay

Purchased by:  Me

Peaches for me.  Millions of peaches - peaches for free.

Whenever I see this one, it's hard not to think of the lines from that Presidents of the United States Of America (the band) song.  And, as today is National Peach Pie Day and August is National Peach Month , I thought this Clay Critters gem would be appropriate.  After all, Georgia is the Peach State, a fact to which I can attest.  Driving back home on Highway 96, I pass by quite a few peach farms.  Usually, the trees are bare or sporting peach blossoms.  I've never actually seen peaches hanging from those trees.  Maybe I'm driving by at the wrong time of the year - or maybe the farmers just get them down as fast as possible so folks won't get "peaches for free."

They needn't worry with me.  My contact with peaches is pretty much limited to peach tea and canned peaches.  I like the flavor, but not the fruit itself.  Is that sacrilege in Georgia?  I think it's the fuzz.  I can't even count how many plums I've had this summer and they have no fuzz.  It just irritates me and makes my face itchy. 

To make matters worse, I'm not really a pie person, either.  It's a fact that makes the holidays tough.  Okay, maybe I like a few of the cream pie varieties.  But I will take cake over pie any day.  I am a cake person - it's all about the icing.  They make peach cake, right?  

Well, don't let my issues get to you.  If you're so inclined, grab a piece of peach pie, top with vanilla ice cream and celebrate this day as it was intended!


  1. I didn't think that reading about magnets could make me hungry for peach pie!