Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Man V. Longhorn

Magnet # 4:  Longhorn in San Antonio, Texas

Material:  Rubber

Purchased By:  Mom & Dad

It wasn't my intention to put two Texas magnets in a row, but I'm afraid I'm going to have to. The season premiere of Man V. Food airs on Travel Channel tonight and it's set in, you guessed it, San Antonio.

I adore Travel Channel!  Their shows are enlightening, entertaining, and at times disturbingly fascinating.  There are so many places I'm dying to visit because of this channel!  I admit, I'm still warming to Man V. Food and its host, Adam Richman.  He's a nice guy, but he's not as cool as Anthony Bourdain, as lovable as Andrew Zimmern, or even as bubbly as Samantha Brown.  But I do like him more than other Travel Channel hosts.  I won't mention their names.

The concept for this show was an idea whose time had come.  The Travel Channel kept airing all of these shows about pigout restaurants, some of which had challenges.  And they'd show people trying the challenges, but it was never the same person.  I kept watching and thinking it would be nice to have one person try all of these challenges.  Apparently, I wasn't the only one thinking so.  Along came Man V. Food.  Adam visits one city or region each week.  Usually he'll try two or three local restaurants that serve lots of food - often junk food.  I don't think I've ever seen him eat a salad.  Anyway, the last restaurant he visits always has a challenge he must take on.  It's pretty much either eating tons of food or eating insanely hot food.  And he's impressive to watch at these challenges - Adam wins more than he loses.  It's fun, but I don't really learn as much from this show as I do from other Travel Channel shows.  If you're curious to find out more, visit

As far as this magnet goes, I like it.  Nice art, and I enjoy how the horns extend beyond the diamond outine - good design overall.  According to a tiny marking, it's produced by the Classic Company.  I have a few of their magnets and sometimes I'll stumble across more on the web.  But it would be really nice if they had their own site.  I'd love to know more about them.  So if anyone with any power at Classic ever happens to read this, take note:  people (i.e. me) demand a website devoted to you and your magnets.  Hop to!

Doubt it'll ever work.  But it's worth a try.

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