Saturday, August 1, 2009

Welcome and First Post

Magnet # 1:  Elizabeth, Savannah, Georgia

Material:  Rubber

Purchased by:  Me

Hello and welcome to my first entry!  I'm a magnet collector who's been following other magnet blogs for awhile and I wanted to give it a try.  I know very little about Blogspot, so this may take me a little while to master.  Why Blogspot?  Well, all the other cool magnet bloggers seem to be here (,, so they've got to know something, right?  Anyway, by doing this I'm hoping to connect with other magnet lovers, encourage them to put their magnets on the web, either here or on photo only sites like Flicker, and acknowledge the people who have contributed to my collection.

So this magnet is pretty self-explanatory.  My name is Elizabeth and I live in Savannah, Georgia.  I moved here in the early 2000s to attend school.  Doing so was the catalyst for my collection.  After all, now that I was on my own and had a fridge, it needed magnets, right? 300 or so later, the fridge is full and I'm adding magnet boards to my kitchen.  And I'm crazier about my magnets than ever!  And yes, they're kitchy and a little silly.  But they're also lots of fun.  Everyone needs a hobby, right?

As far as this blog goes, I've decided to do a magnet a day - or so.  I can take off a day - or more, if necessary - but I'm just going to do one entry, one magnet per day.  No more.  Plus, I'll share whatever story is attached to the magnet, if any.  My magnets pretty much fall into two categories:  places and pop culture.  So check 'em out if you've a fellow magnet junkie - I've sure had fun checking out other folk's collections.  And feel free to post or drop me a note with comments, responses, and/or advice.  I'm sure I can use it.


  1. hi there... i just happened to bloghop and found ur site! nice & interesting fridge magnets u've got there!

    i am from singapore, and i collect fridge magnets too... if u are keen to swap/exchange singapore fm, let me know ok... feel free to visit my site >

    hope to hear from u soon! cya!

  2. Sorry - I just now noticed your post! Thanks for checking out my site, I will be sure to stop by yours as well. And a trade sounds like fun!