Wednesday, August 19, 2009

It's the New "Heart of Dixie"

Magnet # 14: Sweet Home Alabama

Material:  Rubber

Purchased by:  Me

Before I moved to Savannah, I lived in Alabama.  Moved there when I was five and left after I finished college.  My folks still live there.  Which pretty much makes it home to me.  Don't believe what you've heard - it's not such a bad place.  I almost never see a truck in somebody's front lawn.  They even passed a law against it!

It's kind of funny - this whole "Sweet Home Alabama" phenom is relatively recent.  I just don't remember hearing it or seeing much of it for most of my childhood.  "Heart of Dixie" was our state slogan back then.  And considering Lynyrd Skynyrd released it in 1974, it had plenty of time to make its way into the culture of the state before I ever moved there.  I can remember hearing more of it in the late 1990s and by 2002, when the Reese Witherspoon Sweet Home Alabama film hit theaters, the song's popularity in the state was pretty much undeniable.  Nowadays, it's part of the state's cultural identity.  Just this year, it replaced another, older song, "Stars Fell on Alabama" on Alabama's license plates.

The most ironic fact about "Sweet Home Alabama?"  The song was recorded in Georgia.  And the movie was almost totally filmed there, too.  Only the part with the pet cemetery was shot in Alabama.  Considering Tim Burton managed to film all of Big Fish on location in Alabama just a couple of years later (except the parts set in Paris, France) there's really no excuse.  But, as they do give the state its props, I guess we can look beyond that.


  1. Thanks for the info about Cardinals - they are one of my favorite birds. I remember as a child hearing their call at my Grandmother's house in Texas.

  2. Glad I could be both informative and entertaining