Friday, August 14, 2009

Feats of Clay

Magnet # 9:  Swirled Dolphin & Calf, Hawaii

Material:  Clay

Purchased by:  Dad

So why, exactly, is West Lafayette, Indiana on the list of places to visit before I die?  Because it's the home of Clay Critters!

Clay Critters is the best magnet brand I know of.  And yes, they're responsible for this adorable magnet.  They used a swirling technique on it that is all their own.  Unfortunately, many magnet brands don't bother to label their goods, create a website for businesses and collectors alike, or offer tours of their factories.  Clay Critters provides all of that.  Plus, they produce some of the nicest magnets around.  Check out if you're interested.  You can view their entire catalog, have a look at their blog, and find out more about the company.  They were begun back in 1978 when founder Rebecca Bollinger began making each little critter by hand.  Nowadays, the company has 18 employees who continue to make all of their products by hand.  They're proud of their creations and equally proud that the majority of their vendors are Mom and Pop stores.

Who knows, maybe you've got a few of their magnets on your fridge and you never even knew it.  If you're as interested in them as I, contact them for a tour at their aforementioned Indiana factory.  Not only can you see how they make all of their magnets, they even let you buy them after the tour!  Wonder if they'll engrave them too...

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