Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Drifting Away With the Princesses

Magnet # 20:  Disney Princesses Snow White, Cinderella, and Sleeping Beauty

Material:  Rubber

Purchased by:  Mom & Dad

Got this one in my stocking last year.  I adore the Disney Princesses, even though most people would probably think I'm a little old for them.  But my folks know what I like.  As I mentioned, my birthday was earlier this month (I listed myself as a Leo - Leo ends Aug 22 - I'm okay with visitors knowing that much about me).  So what was one of my surprises?  A huge Disney Princess balloon that plays a pre-recorded "Happy Birthday" when you tap it in the right place.  I love it!

Mom was already in the process of ordering another balloon for my birthday when she saw the Princess one.  So she had to start completely over with the (hopefully) patient sales associate to order that one.  I'm glad she did.  I wish I had left the kitchen that morning when Dad brought the balloon in, as Mom had tried to get me to.  But it really was a surprise.

I even managed to get it back to Savannah.  I thought it popped it my trunk at one point (it was only the cooler falling over).  It's now on display in all its girly glory.  And what will I do when all the air leaks out and it falls?  That's no problem - I can just take it back to Party City and get it refilled for free.  Hmm - maybe I should tell them it's for my five-year old...


  1. Glad it's still floating in the air (actually, it costs $.59 to refill it). Sometimes it's the small, but thoughtful presents that mean the most. Mom & Dad

  2. Well, I sure enjoyed it - thanks again!